MS Planet Cheri-ET VG-86 2yr 4*

Planet x MS Goldwyn Cheryl EX-94 2E x EX-94 3E GMD x BC Cami EX-93 DOM 9* x EX-94 2E GMD DOM x VG-88 GMD DOM x VG-87 GMD DOM x VG x VG x VG
Owned with Wendon Holsteins

Daughters: Zimmer Wendon LG Charity (Liquid Gold) GPA LPI+3086, LG Charm GPA LPI+3048 Conf+12, Wendon Zimmer BK Coreen (Big Kahuna) GPA LPI+2927 Conf+13, BK Cami GPA LPI+3004 Conf+12, Zimmer Wendon Uno Cami VG-85 GA LPI+2984 Conf+15 (12/14) & VG-85 Fresh Windbrook – Cher


Dam of Zimmer Wendon Uno Cami VG-87 3yr. She produced 3VG daughters that we are currently working with, along with her granddaughters.
(VG-87 Commander, VG-86 Wickham & VG-86 Monteray)