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Show ring style!

Smithden Bolton Alexandria VG-88 19*

Smithden Bolton Alexandria VG-88 19*
Main Contributor to the MasterBreeder Shield!

Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2E

Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-94 6yr
Grand Champion Westerner 2018



The Zimmer Family is a fourth generation farm located approximately an hour south east of Edmonton at Daysland, Alberta.  The farm is owned by Bob & Pat Zimmer along with their sons and families, Duane, Vicky, Josh and Noah Zimmer and Brad, Shauna, Damon and Carson Zimmer. The Zimmer family milks around 90 cows and farms 3800 acres of cropland consisting of mainly canola, wheat and peas.

Although the Zimmer’s are fourth generation farmers, the first registered cattle were purchased in 1998. Duane is primarily responsible for the dairy and his increased interest in good cattle provided him with the incentive to purchase some better cows  in 2001 at the Sunnylodge Dispersal. The purchase of Sunnylodge Jennifer would grant Zimmer Holsteins the exposure required to put them on the marketing map. Zimmer Holsteins is honoured to be receiving their Master Breeder Shield from Holstein Canada in 2018.

In 2008 at the Royal Winter Fair a few different families were invested in including Smithden Bolton Alexandria.  “I feel fortunate that one of those purchases included Alexandria, a high genomic cow. The purchase of Alexandria and the fact that genomics has levelled the playing field for index cows has fueled our interest in index and genomics,” said Duane.

Today Zimmer Holsteins goal is to have outstanding high numbered individuals from great cow families.

Successful show season for Ava

Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2E had a successful 2018 fall show season. She once again won the title in her Mature cow class at the Westerner Championship Dairy Showcase in Red Deer, AB.

Zimmer Holsteins awarded Master Breeder shield

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce that Zimmer Holsteins was one of the 20 Master Breeders who were honoured at the 2018 National Holstein Convention Master Breeder Banquet in Quebec City, on Saturday, April 14, 2018.